The Vendors

Below is an ever-growing list of vendors available at the conference! Check back often to see the list as it grows! 

Do you know a vendor great for the show? Have them contact us!


QuickTurtle Books LLC

QuickTurtle Books LLC is a publisher of books written by Richard Rensberry. He is the Michigan author of the Conversations With Sasquatch series. Along with the books, Richard will be bringing unique Bigfoot greeting cards!


Find him on Facebook (@quickturtlebooks) or at!



C.A.P.S. is an acronym for Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society. The society was founded in Wisconsin, July 2019. They research and investigate the connections between different phenomena, Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, shadow people, fairies, portals, and Dogmen.

They will be bringing DVDs of their Investigations and YouTube episodes, Cryptid figurines, t-shirts, ornaments, and stickers.

Visit them at:


222 Paranormal Podcast

Brother and sister, Joe and Jen, are located in Ohio! They have been interested in paranormal occurrences since they were children. The duo will be bringing paranormal-related items to sell.

Visit them at

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Hide And Seek Archives

Hide and Seek Archives is the latest Michigan podcast about all things cryptid, run by the LCC's own Josh Parsons. Hide and Seek Archives will be selling stickers, cups, hats, shirts, and more.

Find them on FB @hideandseekarchives


Eric Evans Sculpture

See fun and unique sculptures made by Eric Evans. Along with other sculptures he plans on bringing an 8 foot tall Bigfoot statue! Make sure to check out other sculptures he has on Facebook! 

The Forrest Edge

The Forrest Edge is planning on bringing Sasquatch and Dogman sculpted artwork, Tees, signed and number prints, and keychains.



AprilsRealms is a Michigan-based artist named April. Her shop is available at Make sure you check out her amazing  Bigfoot jewelry, Dogman jewelry, and hand-made wire-wrapped jewelry using crystals! Follow her on Facebook at or Instagram @Aprils_Realm

Big Foot Art by JZ

Jill Ziegler creates ceramic Bigfoot sculptures. She will be bringing her sculptures to the conference! Make sure to check them out!

Find her on Instagram @bigfootartbyjz


Kryder Exploration Group

Not only will Robert Kryder be a speaker for the conference he is also bringing his amazing equipment. If you've ever wanted to go Bigfoot investigating you will need to stop here! Available to purchase will be Tactical & Paranormal Research Equipment: Audio, Video, Forensic, Survival!

Check out more information at


Uncomfortable Podcast

Is a podcast with a stylized approach to interview driven reports of uNcomfortable unexplainable, paranormal, and cryptid encounters. They will be live at the conference to take your stories! They are also bringing t-shirts and information about the podcast! Want more information now? Contact them at

Black Wolf Beadworks

Black Wolf Beadworks is a Handcrafted Native American-inspired design. Custom-made jewelry and beadwork by various artists. They will be bringing Cryptid, natural stone jewelry, native American beadwork, hornet's nest jewelry, and more!! Find them on Facebook @bwbeadworks43!

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To be announced!

To be announced!