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Our Story

The Lost Cryptids Conservatory a place to study the unknown. A group dedicated to finding the truth of what's really out there... Based in Michigan the great lake state a region known of Mystery, wonder, and intrigue. The main Research target is Bigfoot but we dive into all aspects High Strangeness From Cryptids, to Lost Civilizations, Ancient Treasures, Mysterious places, Monotheistic Structures, and everything in between. The main goal at The Lost Cryptids Conservatory is to get audio, video, and DNA of Bigfoot first & foremost but also other Cryptids around Michigan to scientifically prove their existence. To collect, and respond to reports 24/7 Help spread awareness to what's really going on in the forests of North America & beyond. To help he Bigfoot community hold to higher standards with Evidence, Reports, and procedures to pave the way for more professional research.

Meet The Team